RedVector delivers unprecedented awareness of internal enterprise networks.

RedVector analytics combines behavioral pattern matching with anomaly detection techniques to identify potential threats. By evaluating multiple flow attributes and applying machine learning and probabilistic models, Red Vector generates highly accurate alerts for any threat, known or unknown. Our solution gathers network data to discover behavioral anomalies hidden within large volumes of internal traffic. Our analytics software presents real-time, network-aware insights with priority and severity learned from the user. RedVector listens to everything that traverses your network and discovers advanced threats targeting the complex, critical networks of Financial Institutions, Service Providers, and Governments.

Persistent monitoring of all internal traffic – RedVector captures and continuously analyzes network metadata to uncover hidden threats. As part of the analysis, the software creates a behavioral profile of each entity communicating over the network and uses multi-dimensional analytics, to detect anomalous behavior and produce a risk score. The system learns from user interaction to enhance relevance of future alerts while dampening false-positives.


Real-time actionable alerts – By using rich metadata instead of full packet capture, RedVector is able to present real-time contextual alerts on activity across the network. Traffic flowing within an enterprise is significantly larger in volume than the traffic crossing its boundary. In order to detect threats that have penetrated defenses at the boundary, monitoring solutions must be able to manage this large volume of internal traffic and detect low-profile, anomalous behavior over long periods of time. Compared to full packet capture, with 12 TB of storage, RedVector is able to manage 5x 4Mbps probes for 30 days whereas a full packet capture solution can only manage a single 4Mbps probe for 1 day. Information of this breadth, provided in real-time, enables RedVector users to act on alerts to tag and kill threats as they appear.
Network-aware insights – Listening to Layer 2-7 network metadata provides a unique and holistic understanding of the enterprise network. While monitoring Layer 3-4 NetFlow produces endpoint-to-endpoint connection information, deep flow inspection up to Layer 7 enables visibility into application metadata which can produce deeper insights including an entity’s activity with social media user IDs, email addresses, and SIP phone numbers. RedVector couples this information with various network measurements such as the bandwidth usage, number and size of packets sent, and traffic and flow patterns to generate network-aware insights.

Financial Services

Discover and thwart APTs that have penetrated the perimeter

Perimeter defense is no longer enough to thwart attackers. Continuous monitoring of the internal network is required to discover threats that have made it past outer defenses. The RedVector solution discovers and tracks anomalies without impacting network traffic and equipment.

Telecom Service Provider

Enhanced network visibility for threat detection and network monitoring

RedVector analytics provide insight into network issues in addition to threat detection. Continuous monitoring enables service providers to proactively identify potential network issues and their causes across the OSI stack.


Protect mission-critical networks from advanced threats

RedVector protects government networks that form the backbone of the nation’s economy, security, and health. RedVector vigilantly monitors the most complex networks to uncover hidden threats that may have already infiltrated the facility. RedVector provides the visibility tools to track, validate, and understand the threats to enable mitigating of the threat’s impact.

For Network Security Analysts

Uncover anomalies hidden within network activity across the OSI stack using advanced behavioral analytics. Improved precision of alerts means fewer false-positives so that more attention can be spent investigating true threats.

For Network Operators

Gain unprecedented visibility of all activity within your network with real-time information for layer 2-7 traffic.